The Three-Pillar approach to your internet marketing is essential to success.

Having established a successful system, you should look for further techniques to lift yourself to the next level, and continuing that analogy, we have called them AfterBurners.

Unlike the Three-Pillar concept where the pillars are interdependent each AfterBurner is a stand-alone concept.

AfterBurners are procedures or techniques that improve profitability.  They don’t ‘belong’ exclusively to internet marketing  or even to marketing generally but they do belong to the mind-sets of those who succeed in internet marketing.

The AfterBurners on this site and in our book (Internet Marketing, a New Approach by Ray Griffin — see it on Amazon) are not a comprehensive list and will be added to from time to time.

We are currently offering complimentary copies of the book, the second part of which is devoted to AfterBurners:

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