For Sale – Comprehensive Internet Marketing Research Laboratory

Part of it anyway.  Let me explain.

I’ve realised that here at PlannedSites we have a fantastic facility for exploiting internet marketing.

Fantastic because internet marketing only really started in about 2003 when broadband became generally available so it’s only just over ten years old.

Fantastic because internet marketing is growing so quickly and we’re keeping pace with it.  Google AdWords alone has announced dozens of innovations these part twelve months and has just announced a webinar for 22nd April when it will reveal the innovations for the next twelve months.

At PlannedSites we keep up-to-date on all these activities for us and our clients.

Another example.  There’s a lab in California that specialises in how visitors use websites.  One of the things it does is, using electrodes, wire people’s brains up to software that is then able to follow those people’s eyes as they look at a screen and carry out various tasks.  The eye-mapping charts that result are not only fascinating but are able to tell us how we should be designing the structure of web pages to suit visitors.  In turn PlannedSites incorporates this information into our recommendations to make our clients’ websites the best in their field.

Becoming a PlannedSites client is the key that opens the door to this lab.  But, if you’re not ready for that yet, become a PlannedSites Follower.  Complete this form and we’ll put you on the list to keep you abreast of current developments

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