Google Adwords campaign for Christmas

We’ve been asked to set up and look after a Google Adwords’ campaign for Christmas by an online retailer.

This seems a more than reasonable request on the face of it so I thought I’d better explain why it isn’t.

Unless an online retailer has the reputation of, say, a John Lewis or an M&S, it won’t work  in the way envisaged.  If a small online retailer selling woollen wear posts an ad for a range of women’s cardies, he’s got a credibility problem.  The chances of a searcher parting with payment card details on a website she’s just never heard of before are rated at the low end of less than 0.1%.

Google AdWords doesn’t work like that in those circumstances and it’s that basic fact that led us to develop our unique internet marketing system for small and medium sized businesses. For Google AdWords to work for them they have to have a longer-term plan and some patience to acquire customers who will buy from them.  They won’t sell to them immediately so the online retailer has to start a relationship with the prospect and patiently work with her through a sale funnel.

The process uses expertly prepared landing pages and a focused email campaign using an autoresponder.  The process can take not a little setting up but, once done, it works on autopilot pays dividends.  The value of customers acquired in this way is considerable [as shown here].

Some may react to this by suggesting that a Google AdWords campaign in November and aimed at current customers is still realistic.  Current customers have already parted with their payment card details so that problem doesn’t arise.  However, the answer is still negative – Google AdWords costs money and you have to squeeze your Christmas message into the 95 characters, including spaces, that a Google AdWords advert allows.  Email, though, allows as many characters as you like, is more versatile, allows personalisation and is FREE.

[We show here] how the PlannedSites system works.  It’s a guaranteed way to success.

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