Zapping Conduit

I’ve recently been visited by the Conduit malware. I use Chrome and it took over my New Tab screen which I had set to showing myTasks. It also slowed my machine.

The forums and help sites weren’t much help. Or, at least, Conduit was ahead of them.
In that dark hour before real panic sets in I pulled back and let some sensible thinking take over. I reasoned that Conduit would need some programming to work (bright I was that day) but nothing showed in the list of programs under Control Panel. It followed that it must be there somewhere but in disguise. It also followed that it must have installed itself sometime in recent weeks. (I reckoned I’d had this irritation for ten days or so.)

So I sorted the programs into ‘Installed on’ order. The recent installations included some I didn’t recognise, using name and publisher. I reckoned if I uninstalled something I would later regret I could always retrieve it somehow and the nuisance of having to do that would be small price to pay to be rid of the pest. So I uninstalled the unrecognised ones going back a few weeks. There were quite a few, I was startled to see.

Returning to Chrome I was delighted to be greeted by what I wanted to see instead of that blasted intruder.

I’m not recommending you go about deleting your precious programs willy-nilly but a little courage did wonders for me . . . .

I can’t conclude before having a sideswipe at Norton Internet Security on two counts:

  1. It’s complete inability to find, never mind destroy, this pest despite invoking ‘Full System Scan’ several times.
  2. Not supplying me with a means of telling them. None that I could find, anyway.

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